I’m Alice. I write, I make things; I like the big as the small and the all as interconnected in entropic freefall. This is a notebook of half pumped synapse spasms, a work in process on watching people and things. This space is for fiction, fact and personal projects.

Have a look around, and if you would like to work together, or have a chat, send me an e-mail at alicelouisewadsworth@gmail.com

When I’m not daydreaming….

Most recently, I founded Just Gushing (see below). I’m a long term member of Lemon People collective and contributing editor at The New British, with Kez Glozier and Neville Brody. Otherwise, I dot about; writing, editing; working with music and the environment; doing odd jobs. I was lucky to work on this project recently with WarChild, on a topic I feel strongly about. Print clippings, and work by category, is below.

Just Gushing

Sharing stories provides us another filter through which to see the world, a filter necessary for better understanding of ourselves and each other so I started jusgushing.worpress.com @JustGushing – a site sharing narratives in all forms. With a team of unique editors, we encourage anyone with ideas, and perspectives that aren’t heard often enough, to pitch to us, then we offer assistance to projects and pieces (art/article/poem/film etc.) We claim no rights over the work and help publicise and support it at any subsequent publication. We started with a focus on discussing mental health, but the pool was so wide we thought we’d make it for anything with an important story to tell.

We just started working on a podcast, so if you would like to tell your story yourself, or through an interview, which will be edited by our producers to bring out the stories sounds and increase immersion. E-mail justgushing@gmail.com to contribute, or offer editorial assistance, if you like the cut of our jib.

Anyway, I hope you like this notebook of internal monologues and flights of fancy.

Nice to meet you,


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