Getting to Know You


I’m Alice. I write, I make things; I like the big as the small and the all as interconnected in entropic freefall. This is a notebook of half pumped synapse spasms, a work in process on watching people and things. This space is for fiction, fact and personal projects.

Have a look around, and if you would like to work together, or have a chat, send me an e-mail at

When I’m not daydreaming….

Most recently, I founded Just Gushing (see below). I’m a long term member of Lemon People collective and contributing editor at The New British, with Kez Glozier and Neville Brody. Otherwise, I dot about; writing, editing; working with music and the environment; doing odd jobs. I was lucky to work on this project recently with WarChild, on a topic I feel strongly about. Print clippings, and work by category, is available on the top right hand side (dropdown) of the main page.

Just Gushing

Sharing stories provides us another filter through which to see the world (and I craved outlets after finishing a Literature BA spent by the beach) so I started @JustGushing in 2015 – a site sharing narratives in all forms. With a team of unique editors, we encourage anyone with ideas, and perspectives that aren’t heard often enough, to pitch to us, then we offer assistance to the projects and pieces (art/article/poem/film etc.) that we find most interesting and least represented elsewhere. We claim no rights over the work and help publicise and support it at any subsequent publication. We started with a focus on discussing mental health, but the pool was so wide we thought we’d make it for anything with an important voice. E-mail to contribute, or offer editorial assistance, if you like the cut of our jib.

Anyway, I hope you like this notebook of internal monologues and flights of fancy.

Nice to meet you,