Originally Published 25rd Nov 2014 on Lemon People

Trending on twitter is the rolling snowball of the internet, gathering speed and momentum with retweets and use of puns. Right now, #CameronMustGo is trending on Twitter in London, UK, and worldwide. It’s not a massive surprise, maybe because I wholeheartedly agree, that so many people are sick of a man who imposed austerity cuts, is dismantling the public services, clearly benefits from relationships with advisors in big business, including the banking sector, and constantly points his finger at immigrants and the poor. BBC News showed a short clip of Cameron the other day, with the voice over that stated; ‘despite research showing immigration is good for the U.K economy’,’Cameron stands firm on immigration reform’. No analysis, no questions – just a collective sigh as 5 seconds of our news pays attention to something we’re all becoming more and more aware of – logically catering to the publics best interests is not in the interests of those in power. Distorting peoples understanding of the facts, and turning people against each other to gain votes, is in the best interests of those in power. Cameron is currently in power. Therefore, #CameronMustGo

There’s an inevitable follow up to Cameron leaving office however, that we can’t all agree on. Who can be in power and serve peoples best interests? A party that listens to voters, actively engages in issues it cares about, doesn’t represent private interests, and has a plan for the U.K’s recovery (one that goes beyond kicking out people who are proven to be helpful, not harmful, to our country). That discounts UKIP easily, as they are bankrolled by one private interest, with an ex-banker at the helm and a hateful and illogical attitude towards immigration. Lib Dem showed they wouldn’t stand strong for any key issues in the coalition, so they’re out too. Labour..? So much faith lost in the past, and a leader with the charisma of a dead fish found under your fridge, don’t bode well. Their establishment links hold them back further, causing the widely held belief that they are the same as the Conservatives.

There’s a party, that you may not have seen much coverage of *ahemTV Debates*, that haven’t had the chance to disappoint us yet, nor are they a one policy pony *ahemUKIP*. They actually have some sensible plans for the future. They see rebuilding and reinforcing public services as a way to aid economic recovery, proven by European models such as Germany, in conjunction with green policies which are more efficient, cheaper and better for the world, than policies based around vested interests of corporations *ahemMass Privatisation*.
They are also currently having a #Green Surge  . It’s the Green party, obviously. The party with most of its hold on the generations who rarely vote is still growing in polls. If that section of the population did vote, it would be enough to change election results. I’m going to vote Green and pray enough people join me, to at least grow their presence in the Commons, even if they do not win. The others no longer appear to be options, and I am grateful for my right to vote – even in an electoral process I don’t entirely agree with.

Research who you would like to vote for, and then just do it. I’d like to see how many of the #CameronMustGo tweeters are registered, as it’s easy to rail against the powers that be if you never held a stake in putting them there. It’s also easy to become a hypocritical ass if you decide that not voting makes you in some way more politically aware or radical, as (unless you are devoting large amounts of time and research into finding a way to change this system), you are just an enabler. Enabling a shit system while selling your voting friends down the river by denying your own voice in the debate. If you don’t vote because you don’t think it will make a difference, then be aware that your thoughts are the reason it won’t make a difference. If you know how you would vote, but don’t, you are choosing to make it harder for the policies and parties you do agree with to get any influence. If you don’t vote because of no proportional representation, spoil your ballot.

In short; #CameronMustGo tweeters, I agree, now shall we do something about it?

To see what party you most agree with, check out http://voteforpolicies.org.uk/ 

‘Truth always rests with the minority, and the minority is always stronger than the majority, because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of the majority is illusory, formed by gangs who have no opinion’. – Kierkegaard