Femmeuary Finale! Art, Prose, Music, Poetry, Crayola Guitars and Sisterly Love

Originally posted 4th March 2015 on Lemon People

Each year Femmeuary provides some of the most intimate work I have read online. This year’s piece by Yoni – the best pseud ever, IMHO – has surpassed this intimacy. There are always many stories to relate to in Femmeuary, for all genders, but this particular non fiction piece stood out by not shouting out, but speaking directly to its readers. ‘The Men In My Life’ will break your heart a little – not in pity, but in empathy – as it address each inner voice, that just wants to stop.stop.stop. – while talking to you with the intelligent logical mind of a strong, driven and hyper aware girl/woman/feminist superhero (without any ‘correct feminist’ superiority). Just read it already. (buying options for zine below;))

Georgia Flowers has provided beautiful illustrations for many pieces included in Femmeuary, and each has fitted its subject perfectly, while retaining Georgia’s inimitable style. She read out Brodi’s incredible piece ‘Let Her Cry’ – a touching, oft hilarious look into the damsel in distress disorder our society creates. With such a large crowd – people were listening in from the corridoor like polite church mice – there was always the possibility the acts would be drowned out. Instead, it was quiet as a pin drop through Brodi’s, Yoni’s
Maia Thomas showed her animation ‘Don’t Diet, Riot!’, which was similar to Yoni’s piece in its direct dialogue with the audience. Don’t Diet, Riot relates personal feelings of inadequacy to the wider political, cultural and social landscape, showing the conflict between believes, like not wanting to conform to elistism, and day-to-day challenges to that, such as still wanting to go to a ‘good’ university so you will be considered intelligent.

Cate Ferris blew the audience along on her carousel, with a mis of tape recorders, loops, synths, vocabulary tricks and something that make you want to be her best friend. Contortula is a new favourite word, with a Latin base in a thing that has broken from, and is beautiful. In Cate’s words ‘all of us’. She proved this, as we all swooned under the power of her crayola guitar and Joni through Kate vocals.

A friend of mine left, believing that after Cate, there could be no more enjoyment. He turned out to be wrong. Next were the Pink Lizards – a 00’s Janis Joplin flying on a Jefferson Airplane and screaming us into a moshing mass of hysteria (and yes there were men there, so screw gendered hysteria).

Femmeuary will be back with more. So watch these spaces:

Alice Ash

Brodi Snook 

Chloe Hardwood

Sarah Dearing

Georgia Flowers 

and Lemon People as Steph Wilson contributed widely and I (Alice, hi) was kindly asked to be a contributing editor this year